if you want a
                   m o n s t e r,
                   i  can  show
                   you             a
                   f  u  c  k i n g 
                   ( MONSTER )

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Before the three of them was Black Shadow’s home. It was rather large and took up a lot of space on the asteroid it was built on but wasn’t particularly impressive aside from its size, and of course it had to be large to accommodate mecha the size of Black Shadow and Blue Bacchus. Just beyond their asteroid was another large one in the belt, where their place of business was built. A large casino, normally busy when it was open, sat there.

"This is my home," He explained, "Follow me but…lower your voices. It’s late and everyone is recharging so," He pressed a finger to his lips and gave the newsparks a stern look, "try to contain your excitement shall we?" Black Shadow continued forward, unlocking and opening the door as quietly as possible, hoping he wouldn’t wake anyone up either.

He didn’t exactly feel like explaining to Blue why they had two more house guests living with them. At this rate they’d need a bigger home.

For a brief moment, Streak’s optics narrowed and she recoiled her helm. The way Black Shadow had just spoken to them sounded parental—like he was speaking to children. The teal mech didn’t quite appreciate it. But she wouldn’t say anything; Black Shadow was being kind enough to allow them into his home. With a shrug, she let go of Tides, who was now able to support himself and walk on his own, and walked into the house after Black Shadow. 

     ❝There’s an organic in here,❞ the navy mech commented not five seconds after entering the abode. That had his attention. Helm up, he sniffed at the air, his curiosity piqued. If allowed, he would have sought out the detected organic, but his sister quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him back. 

     ❝Don’t bother the man’s organic,❞ she hissed, which earned her a crestfallen look—not that it bothered her. ❝Tomorrow. Maybe. If he lets you. Don’t be rude.❞ Tides might have protested, but a wide yawn cut him off. Wings drooped, but he reluctantly nodded. 

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Reblog if it is okay if your muse is hurt, severely injured or tortured in RPs.


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Tidal Storm’s FC is definitely Channing Tatum. No question about it.

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"Right…right…" He was just gonna pretend that was totally normal for Victory to know all that and help Tidal Storm up. He just wanted to get out of here and home and rest, and get these kids to safety. Black Shadow couldn’t prevent Cackle from turning out the way he did but he could at least prevent these two from meeting the same fate.

"Okay, uh, just follow me…" He moved a little slower than he might normally, not wanting to leave Tidal Storm behind or make him feel bad for causing them to drag. Black Shadow just continued to walk forward and think of his little asteroid home. He assumed that would take them to the safety of his abode if Victory was correct. 

Both mecha moved to follow at their own pace—well, at Tides’ pace, since he was the slower one. Streak looked around excitedly, expectantly, waiting for their surroundings to change like they had when she’d wandered off on her own. The strange thing that was the Canvas did not disappoint. From endless white to… an actual environment, the landscape changed. Both mecha reacted negatively to the fuzzy, numbing feeling in their processor that accompanied travel into and out of the canvas (a groan from Tidal Storm and a faint whine from Victory Streak), but the effect only lasted for a second or so. 

     ❝Woah….❞ Wings hiked up, the teal mech took in her surroundings with wide, bright optics, her mouth open and lips pulled back in a smile—one similar to Cackles, due to the shape of her dentae. ❝Where are we?❞ 

Tidal Storm looked around as well, but with much less awe than his sister. Even when he wasn’t exhausted, his emotional response was only so strong—supposedly. He hadn’t been alive long enough to have a record of himself not getting giddy.

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When Victory Streak had disappeared he stared in shock, lost in thought only to be brought back to reality by Tidal Storm placing a hand on him. Both of their constant chattering had turned into white noise to him by this point so it took a physical action for him to take notice of one of them wanting his attention…the one that still remained.

"Wha- I - " Before he could get a complete sentence out Victory had reappeared and Tides was affectionately greeting her. Black Shadow watched Tidal Storm sink to his knees but quickly had Victory in his face to distract him. His helm was practically whirling trying to keep an optic on the both of them. 

Newsparks were just bundles of energy, well, Victory Streak was …Black Shadow looked over Tidal Storm once he was released by Victory’s surprisingly strong grip, “Hey, kid, …you okay?” There was a sort of parental concern about how the obviously worn out Tides was being pulled up by his sister. He didn’t want the poor kid being manhandled, “Are you good on your feet? If not I can carry you…but we won’t be going far right? I’ll just will us back to my home, you can rest there.”

He was fretting over this newspark he barely even knew. Perhaps mostly because he knew what it was like to be suddenly drained of energy like that. Tidal Storm wore the all over his faceplates, the look he knew all too well, it was almost like he’d had the same recharging disability that he did. He couldn’t be sure though.

"C’mon," He offered a strong hand to Tidal Storm, "Tides, Victory, I’ll take the both of you home for now. It’s safe there." Then he’d figure out what to do with them…

     ❝He’s fine,❞ the smaller chirped, looking between her brother and Black Shadow. ❝This happens. He sometimes goes into an energy-guzzling ‘hyper-mode’ where he becomes really smart and fast, but can’t stay in it for very long because—as I said—it’s energy-guzzling. He just needs to rest and eat, ‘n he’ll be back to his normal, slow-moving self.❞ She spoke as if they both hadn’t just been created mere minutes ago—like they already knew everything about each other. 

Tidal Storm simply nodded, confirming everything his sister had just said. He reached up with his free arm and grabbed Black Shadow’s wrist, then used the support of both mecha to pus himself to his feet. ❝’m ‘a’aight,❞ he said. 

Victory Streak happily took the brunt of her brother’s weight with ease and helped him amble along slowly. She glanced up at Black Shadow, a cheery smile on her face, and said, ❝He’s kinda slow normally. Moreso after coming out of hyperactivity. Lead the way, monsieur Black Shadow! We’ll follow!❞

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Black Shadow had met some motormouths in his day and this newspark, Victory Streak, certainly was good competition. Though, such a trait was not uncommon in newsparks or newbuilds. Tidal Storm seemed much more laid back than the other, less…bubbly? He supposed that was the word for it. Less talkative and excitable was he. 

"Well normally I think you should be able to will yourself out but," He stood with his hands on his hips, contemplating his next move, "But that doesn’t seem to be working." Of course every time he’d entered or left the canvas before Koda or …Cackle had always been there or near him…Perhaps he required the King’s help after all.

"Is she nice?" Black Shadow repeated. He paused and gave a shrug, "I’m not really sure anymore, you’ll have to ask her yourself. Because…looks like…we’re off to find the god of this Canvas, wherever they are, and see if they can help us get out of here."

Of course the last time he’d seen her she’d gotten shocked pretty badly, looked a little shocked to death actually, and poofed but…hey, positive thoughts. She’d probably fine. She’s died and come back after all. 

"Now then, if you were a little god, which direction would you go?" The canvas was pretty blank and vast, he was unsure of where to start. 

Tidal Storm only looked about blankly, equally as unsure of where to start. They were here to find a… god? How did one find a god? Wings folded on his back, the looked to his sister for answers. 

     ❝Hm.❞ Hand on her chin, the smaller mech swiveled her he head around and contemplated the answers her brother sought. ❝Can she enter and exit freely? How’s she do it? I mean—other than willing. Y’know—is she, ah—-does she just stand there, or is the walking…? Jumping? Flying? Swimming? Like-like-like—-❞ She took a few springy steps in one direction, looked around, took a few more in another, and—-

And disappeared. 

That caught Tidal Storm’s attention. His helm snapped towards where his sister stood only a moment ago, wings flared out with alarm. ❝Streak…? Victory Streak? Victoria!❞ Something clicked in his processor, and the normally slow-moving, quiet mech was pacing around, speaking faster than Victory Streak had been. ❝Where the hell did she go? She can’t just—well maybe she can just disappear but she could have gone anywhere! Maybe/ Evidently you don’t need the god-figure to move in and out—assuming she did get out (where else would she go?). It seems to be linked to walking, or perhaps motion in general. Victoria!❞ He continued to prattle and pace, clearly distressed, until he remembered Black Shadow was there. A few quick steps—quicker than what might be expected from someone so large—brought him right into the Phase-Sixer’s personal space, his optics narrow and hands on Black Shadow’s shoulders. IT could be taken as an aggressive motion, but, really, it stemmed from concern over the disappearing mech. ❝Did you do this? What’d you do? Where is she? Can you bring her back? Bring her—-!❞


The navy mech dropped the Phase-Sixer and whirled around, optics bright and hopeful. ❝Streak!❞ She’d returned, practically buzzing with excitement. Tidal Storm lunged for her, all-but tackling her. Arms around her waist, he lifted the smaller mech up and hugged her tightly, face nuzzling her neck. ❝Where the hell were you? How’d you do that? Are you okay? Can you do—ooohhh….❞ Tidal Storm suddenly experienced a lack of energy. He stumbled and set the teal mech down, then sank to his knees. ❝…tired….❞

Victory Streak didn’t seem to concerned about his condition, still excited by her discovery. She hopped over to Black Shadow and grabbed his arm. ❝You’ve gotta move! Will and motion! Think of where you wanna go and walk! ‘C’mon, c’mon. c’mon!❞ She tugged on his arm (with surprising strength) in one direction before letting him go, then ducked under the energy-sapped Tidal Storm’s arm and (with that same surprising strength) hauled him back to his pedes. ❝Iku yo! Iku yo!❞ 

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Black Shadow stood up and brushed himself off, looking over the two, “I’m fine, I’m fine. Just a little frazzled,” He admitted giving his helm a shake. As he gazed over them he began to notice the similarities between them and Cackle though he hadn’t considered the similarities between himself and Tidal Storm just yet.

Looking around he realized he was right where he had been when he’d been knocked out. He thought so anyway…it was all very white and blank so he really could be anywhere but it was the same general vicinity,

"This place is, uh, sort of a different realm of it’s own," He explained to the pair to the best of his abilities, "The being who lives here calls it the Canvas I think…they’re sort of a god…thing I think? They look human, but not always, and I think they can create stuff here?” He shook his helm again, “Yknow it’s really unclear but the point is…”

He stared at them, things finally starting to click…a little…so he thought, “You two…you’re brand new aren’t ya? Don’t know anything but your names…” Koda had created Cackle, and they look a lot like Cackle, … Could these be more of her creations? That seemed to line up as far as he could tell. Considering what the King had done to their last creation…

"I think it would be safest if the both of you stuck with me, I should be able to get us out of here," It should be easy enough to waltz right out of the canvas with these two with him right? 

The explanation completely zoomed over Tidal Storm’s head, as it could be gathered from his blank, non-understanding expression. Victory Streak, however, seemed to grasp the basic concept. She looked out over the vast whiteness, pink optics wide and thoughtful.

     ❝A ‘canvas’ is something that get’s painted on…—-where pieces are created. Maybe it’s… maybe—-!❞ Wings fluttering, the teal jet bounced excitedly as she thought. She definitely had Muse’s thought process—and Cackle’s. They all thought the same way. ❝Maybe it’s—-! Maybe it’s, like, connected to this, ah… this ‘god”s mind! Like—like the mind is the brush, and this is…!❞ She gasped and bounced a bit more, excited by her theorizing. Oh yes, definitely a product of Muse. 

Tidal Storm, on the other hand, simply stared at the smaller mech, confused by her excitement and babbling. It too went right over his helm. What he did catch, though, was Black Shadow’s final statement. Without so much as a question of why it might be safer to go with Black Shadow, he simply agreed. ❝Ya, okay.❞ Blindly trusting, this one was, and not much of a question-asker.

     ❝Uh… how do we get out, though…?❞ The title of ‘question-asker’ between the two new mecha belonged to Victory Streak. The ‘question-asker,’ ‘the talker,’ ‘the thinker’… and slightly less trusting than her brother. She brought her excitement under control and returned her attention back to Black Shadow. ❝And… where is the ‘god’ that owns this place? Is she nice?❞

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